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The International Fitness & Aerobics Academy (IFAA) is a well known brand in the fitness and aerobics scenario in Europe. It offers inspiration, motivation, learning & expertise to Trainers, Gym Managers, Business Owners, Instructors & Fitness Specialists.

With more than 30 years experience in fitness, aerobics and management solutions & certifications in Europe, IFAA-India is making its debut through its three-day CONVENTION and CONGRESS alongside the bodyLIFE IFW Expo at the Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, from 9-11 October, 2014.

In attendance will be International Master Trainers from the United States, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Austria, Australia and, of course, India

and International Business Consultants, with work experience in India, US and European market.

Meet our Business Consultant to achieve more success and take your business to new dimensions with international standard operation processes. Get in touch with our Master Trainers for news, views, tips and latest updates on fitness concepts and trends.





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