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IFAA INDIA 2014 - Presenters


Fabiano da Ros / Australia

Fabiano is a very well-known Personal Trainer with certifications from various leading academies in Europe. He is also a qualified nutrition and running coach. He specializes in leading boot camp programs and group exercise classes, especially for spinal and back training. Having spent his whole life in sports and fitness, his highly innovative techniques and inspirations have been adopted by many of his clients and colleagues.




Kiran Kumar// India 

IFAA Convention Presenter and India's first athletes performance trainer (Phase 4)

Kiran is a B.Com. and holds additional certificates from ACE as a certified personal and rehab trainer (Essentials, Master Class and FX). He loves to exercise and finds fulfilment in teaching clients, as well as trainers.

His knowledge is based on human anatomy, kinesiology, exercise physiology, exercise programming, bio-mechanics and nutrition. He always strives to keep on track and to lead clients and trainers through the program despite difficult times.



Ritesh Shaiwal // India

Rising Star | TRX | FMS | Kettlebells | VipR | Les Mills Instructor

As a qualified and certified FMS Trainer, Pro Cycling Master Trainer, TRX Master Trainer & FGT Master Trainer, Ritesh's passion is to support and develop his team of trainers and clients to get to higher levels. He never stops educating himself to deliver the best knowledge and brings passion into fitness.
With more than 25 national and international certifications in hand he loves to work hand-in-hand with trainers to bring better fitness and development to the Indian market.

Sameer Sheikh // USA

IFAA Convention presenter from New York City is a highly qualified fitness professional and has been in the industry for more than 15 years and a current trainer for many American celebrities.

Sameer is a fitness professional who has gained knowledge from some of the most experienced and well-educated trainers at West Village, the Printing House Fitness Centre and Squash Club in New York City. Certification from NASM and NSCA in Kettlebell concepts, TRX Suspension Training, core performance and others have made him a well-rounded instructor.

Apart from weight-loss/gain, body-composition alterations, muscle tonality changes, dealing with flexibility and dysfunctional patterns that create compensations and impediments, he has trained and worked with clients and celebrities who have needed post-surgery rehabilitation, shoulder, knee and hip replacements, heart conditions, diabetes, obesity and many such special populations.

Sandeep Sachdev // India

Motivational speaker, celebrity nutritionist, Personal Training ambassador, winner of India's 'Biggest Loser Challenge' (2007) & Fitness First India (2008-2011).

Sandeep's claim to fitness was his title of winning the weight loss reality show, 'The Biggest Loser' where he lost 111.4 pounds. 'Fatty' (his pet name) today motivates people not only to stay fit and lose weight but designs and works on lifestyles for anyone and everyone who is looking at getting fit, fitter or wants to be the fittest. An ex-banker by profession, this 'Fatboy Slim' motivates people by educating them on the basics of fitness and creates the magic for them. 

Shwetambari Shetty // India

She recently became a ZES (Zumba Education Specialist) in Bangalore. After finding her passion in dance 2 years ago, she moved from being a banker to handling operations in gyms and co-founded her own gym in Bangalore. She loves to train people in Les Mills Body PumpĀ® and Kettle Bell.




Swetha Subbiah // India

IFAA Convention presenter and a highly qualified Personal Trainer having certifications from leading fitness institutes in the UK.

Swetha was born and raised in India. After graduating in Economics (Magna cum Laude) from York University in Toronto (Canada), Swetha decided to touch base with her childhood passion for sports and fitness and made it her full-time role in life. Apart from her roles as trainer and coach, she is very keen to share her knowledge with her team and colleagues, and strives for new products, trends and skills. She absolutely loves studying, training and coaching.

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