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IFAA INDIA 2015 - Presenters



Rebecca comes from the competitive sport as an athlete and she became Miss Hercules Olympia in 2015 (Fitness Class), German Champion and World Champion (Body Fitness Class). As a licensed personal trainer focusing on Functional Training, Rebecca runs her own studio for exclusive personal training. She is a certified Sports Manager and she is a part of the IFAA SOCCACISE® and POWER DUMBELL® training team and with over 12 years of experience an IFAA TAE BO® Advanced trainer. In 2012 she was announced as one among "The 3 best fitness trainers worldwide" appointed by the Brigitte magazine. Read More

Vinata Shetty // India

Vinata Shetty is a certified trainer from the American College of Sports Medicine(ACSM) the National Academy of Sports Medicine (U.S.A.),American council on exercise(ACE) and as Reebok University Master Trainer; she has trained and certified over 1000 instructors to date.Vinata has been part of the fitness industry for over 18 years and is one of India's leading fitness experts. Vinata is a regular presenter, along with leading international Master Trainers at fitness conventions. She has held innumerable seminars on fitness for leading corporate companies and has conducted several workshops throughout India to update and educate fitness trainers on the various aspects and modalities of fitness.

Her articles on fitness have appeared in several leading newspapers and publications of India and she is the fitness advisor to the Health and Nutrition magazine.She is one of the brand ambassadors of Gatorade in India. In 2007 she became a Master Vibration Therapist and was instrumental in pioneering vibration training in India. She has trained several instructors in vibration training as well, apart from being consultant to several spas for the same. read more

Sucheta Pal // India

leads​ the country and the rest of South-East Asia ​officially as the Master Trainer (Zumba Education Specialist ZES™)​

for Zumba® ,Miami ​and is credited for pioneering the brand in India and ​training​ over ​25​00 Instructors ​in past three years alone ​in India, Indonesia, Oman, Maldives, Bangkok, Vietnam, Sri lanka and Nepal ​after shifting base from the United States in 2012 .

She has been ​featured on several International Zumba DVDS, XBOX Games and Conventions of US, UK , France , Japan and South East Asia as the ​ Presenter/Lead ​Zumba Education Specialist ZES™.

Her recent ​exclusive Zumba television series on ZOOM TV telecasted in March-April 2015​ has created the much required buzz in India ​and she has been loved by the media as an inspiration story and idol for choosing an alternate career of a dance-fitness expert from being an engineer .TV series of Zoom, Channel V​, NDTV Good Times and print media like Vogue ,Grazia ,​ The Week -SmartLife ,Times of India and Hindustan Times have regularly featured her . Read More

Urmi Kothari // India

Certified IFAA Mastertrainer

Urmi’s love and obsession with playing sports, fitness, martial arts and movement started when she was 13 which she pursued relentlessly, alongside a career in advertising and an MBA degree. She quit the corporate rat race to become a professional Indian Contemporary dancer in 2009 where she trained intensively in Kalaripayattu, Yoga, rhythm: elements which heavily influence her fitness vocabulary today.

In 2012, she became a full-time trainer / teacher when she founded Kinetic Living based in Mumbai. Here, she focuses on multi-faceted fitness: not only strength and stamina but also balance, flexibility, agility and most importantly, body, breath and core awareness. Drawing from her cumulative experience of 15 years,she usestechniques and exercises from Pilates, Calisthenics, Sports, Kettlebells and Yoga to guide Kinetic Living Team Mates (what she prefers to call her clients) achieve their goals.

Today Kinetic Living has reached lakhs of peoplethrough social media, print media, workshops, online queriesand Urmi has personally touched more than 500 people through her training in the last 3 years.Read More

Devrath Vijay // India

NSCA-CSCS, USA (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist) IFAA Master Trainer (International Fitness and Aerobics Academy)

Devrath is a computer science graduate who is aptly named "The jack of all trades". His love for dancing, modeling and Mixed Martial Arts during his college and techie days was what drew him into the world of fitness. Having quit his job as a software engineer, he went on to become the Gym Manager at a Luxury Health Club following which he became a Strength and Conditioning coach at a CrossFit facility in the city. Within this short span of time he has two reputed certifications to his credit, CSCS and IFAA Master Trainer. He is one among a very small number of coaches to be a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist in the country certified by the NSCA, USA. He is also among the first few Master Trainers in India for IFAA, a leading German company with a reach all across Europe from the last three decades.

He recently went on to win the silver medal at the EKFA All India Kettlebell Championships 2015 which happened at The Body Power Expo, Mumbai.Read More


Daniela Carta // Germany

Masters in sports scientist, Candidatin Dr. In Sports Science Group Fitness B Lizence Mastertrainer

Daniela Carta has grown up with sports and now she is a real all-rounder. With a degree in sports science with a focus on rehabilitation and prevention (DSHS), she is graduating at the German Sports University in Cologne and has additionally studied Italian as a teaching professional subject. She has also worked as a choreographer and trainer (e.g. Fit Kick, Aqua, Pilates, Step, workout classes, Les Mills programs) and personal trainer, since she was 17. She trains in various areas such as Core, Functional Training, Fit Kick, Pilates, Aqua, Aerobics, Step etc. and is additionally a Master-trainer for various companies and presenter at conventions. Since 2013, she has opened the Better Yourself ThermoGym in Cologne, wherein training and relax courses are carried out at a room temperature of 40 ° C and personal training is done on a functional zone.

Classes she teaches: Pilates Coach Yoga Aqua, Aqua fitness, Aqua Jogging Instructor Les Mills Body Pump, Step, Attack, Combat, RPM Hot Iron 1,2, Iron Cross, Fortbildungen darin Tigerobics Rückentraining WBS Fit Kick Functional Trainer HIIT Cycle Rehap Coach BAX

Patrick Schopa // Germany

- German Sport University Cologne (Qualified sports scientists/ Focus rehabilitation/prevention - specializations Sports Rehabilitation & Neurology)
- Degree from the International Institute for sports and tourist
- Degree from Ahab Academy, Germany
- German Fitness & Aerobics Association (DFAV)
- Perform Better Presenter
- FIBO Presenter
- licensed in Functional Movement Screen (FMS by Lee Burton)
- licensed in VIPR PT (by Matthew Truscott)
- licensed Group Fitness Instructor (Auqa Fitness, Functional Training)
- LES Mills Instructor
- Freelance lecturer for different nationally recognized training academies > Focus: Fitness trainer - training , personal trainer training, - Teaching of relaxation techniques (PMR , respiratory regulation ), Motivation and Sport Psychology

Kristian Ebenezer // India

CrossFit L1 coach

They call him the HULK! One look at the big guy and you know exactly why. His fitness regime includes CrossFit, Olympic- Lifting and Strong-Man Training with a fierce strength and intensity that is unmatched.
Kris has tried it all. From working out in an old-school bodybuilding gym in Tamilnadu to one of the fanciest fitness clubs in Singapore alongside CrossFit athletes from around the world.
He is currently pursuing his CSCS and SealFit certifications and training to compete in the Worlds Strongman competition, 2016. He also holds a degree in Mass Communication and Sports Management.
"Every day is a challenge to up my game by having a new target to beat! I believe in taking it one day at a time and as I look back I feel immensely proud of this journey from being a fat kid to a fit athlete.As a coach I get a sense of achievement when I see people push themselves to their highest potential."

Huzefa Talib // India

NSCA-CSCS, USA (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

Huzefa is a Bachelor of Commerce and was a banker with a leading financial institution before giving it all up to become a coach. A sportsman from college days, he loved sprinting, long-distance running and cricket. These were what inspired him to dive into the world of fitness.
He is one among a handful of coaches to be a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist in the country certified by the NSCA, USA.
Not many people know that he is also a model and finished in the top 10 of the Mr. India 2014. Always the one to challenge himself to the limits, he aspires to complete the "Ironman" event someday.
"India has a lot of talent that is waiting to be tapped. Sports (and not just cricket) is now becoming a sought after profession. Strength and Conditioning coaches are now being recognized in the country as the professionals that can make a drastic difference in an athlete's performance. I hope someday Indian athletes will bring in medals in all fields and I can help them do just that."

My Motto: It's all in the head!

Jennifer Hoessler // Germany

Certified IFAA Mastertrainer.

She grew up with the yoga philosophy, as her mum is a yoga teacher and taught her spiritual wisdom, almost without her being really aware of it. Around the age of 20 she recognized that her way of thinking and living – so to say her consciousness – is spiritually printed. She felt naturally connected to the yogic knowledge.

Before she realized her passion for yoga, a big part of her life was sports and action of all kinds. After school she became a sports and gymnastic teacher by certification. She taught several kinds of aerobic – and health classes for 12 years and as a personal trainer, she collected a lot of experience. It was joyful and provided great experience and exposure, but after 12 years she had no choice but to realize, that her body was overworked and imbalanced. she came to the point where her body and soul could not handle the constant challenge and stress.Read More

Folka™ Fitness // India

Twinkle Talwar, Founder of Folka™ Fitness, started her career as a script writer and through years of working in various fields of media and entertainment gained humongous experience both personally and professionally.

Being a trained Bharatnatyam Dancer, she always knew she is missing a vital part of life by being in a corporate world. She decided to go with her instincts and bid bye to the corporate world. She started teaching Bharatnatyam while learning other dance forms herself. She travelled to Dubai, Egypt and other countries to learn and master Belly Dancing. In 2012, she opened her studio called The Soul Studio and started teaching there.Read More

Princy Pandya // India

 Dr. Princy Pandya is a qualified physiotherapist and specialized interest in different aspect of life i.e. cerebral palsy and paralysis patients.

 Also known as "the energy boost" for fitness freaks, she found her passion in fitness very early and decided to study physiotherapy and received her Degree BPT (Bachelors of Physiotherapy) and pursuing MPT ( Masters in Physiotherapy)  in Neurology.

She is one of India’s first LABOOCA® Instructors. As a physiotherapist at Nerve Physiotherapy and Fitness she offers classes and trainings.

As a hardworking, smart, fit and enthusiastic Trainer and Instructor she is presenting fitness awareness programs in Indore like the “Raahgiri”.

With her sharp anatomical, physiological and biomechanical knowledge she is ready to raise the fitness standards in India into new dimension.

Mrinal Mahajan / / India

Dr. Mrinal Mahajan is a qualified physiotherapist and specialized in sports and neurology field.
He started his fitness interest from a very young age and represented Indore as a state level player in Basketball and Handball.

Mrinal Mahajan is a ZIN and one of the first LABOOCA® Instructors in India. He is also a licensed group fitness instructor and offers different Classes in his own foundation known as Nerve Physiotherapy and Fitness in Indore.

In addition he holds a Bachelors degree in physiotherapy BPT, MASTERS of physiotherapy in Neurology and works as an associate professor and physiotherapist in renowned physiotherapy colleges, Hospitals and research Centres.


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