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Jasmin Waldmann  

Jasmin Waldmann is a certified Life coach, IFAA Master Fitness Trainer and Nutritional counselor. She transforms body & mind with a holistic program. 

The German is also the founder of Pilardio® (a holistic mind-body fitness program that incorporates Pilates with core group exercises, strength training & agility elements from jazz dance, ballet and aerobics, to form an intense yet fun workout for the whole body. In addition she invented the diet program "JaWa Diet", which support each person individually to find out what the own body (and mind) really needs in terms of diet. With more than 10 years of Coaching experience across countries like U.S., Australia and Asia, Jasmin now conducts internationally recognized group and personal training programs in India, Germany and Greece. Jasmin has worked with an extensive range of clientele of different age-groups and fitness levels, including high level endurance athletes like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, to corporate professionals, elderly and high risk populations & celebrities such as Sridevi.

Though weight management has been her forte, Jasmin follows a holistic approach to health that focuses on wellness rather than mere physical fitness. Since each person’s needs are unique, Jasmin designs individualized training regimes that incorporate fitness, meditation, nutrition and mental attitude to ensure that the client not only achieves its fitness goals but also enhances its understanding of a healthy lifestyle.

Her diverse athletic and dance background has helped her design creative fitness programs that are not only rich in variety, but also challenge your muscles and cardiovascular system to strengthen the mind/body connection. As a former ballet dancer, she also blends in aspects of the dance forms into her training sessions. As a result, her clients do not experience general boredom or fatigue, (a common challenge with most fitness programs) and are able to make fitness a sustainable goal.

Jasmin now aims to expand the Life Coaching and Personal Trainings as workshop offers & across key metros in India.

Jasmin is a certified "Sports and Health trainer (IST)" from the IST Institute, Dusseldorf, Germany. She is also a certified Pilates Instructor with training from the US based institute, Polestar Pilates International. Additionally, she has trained in various practices including Weight lifting, Aerobics, Step aerobics, Aqua fitness, Cardio, and 50 Plus program in Nordic walking for the elderly.

Since childhood, Jasmin was always very athletically inclined and started learning ballet, handball, & swimming at age 8. At 16, she learned Wing Tsun, a Chinese martial art of self-defense and followed it up with a stint in weight lifting. Being very fond of dance, she has also trained extensively in Hip hop, Jazz dance, Jiu jitsu and Acrobatics.

The international presenter is since 2014 a Precor Master Trainer and since 2015 a IFAA Master Trainer (Pilates, Communication skills and Personal Training).

With an aim to offer a holistic health program, she completed her course in NLP training in 2009.
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Jasmin regularly contributes to fitness industry publications, such as Yourwelness and Body Life. She has starred in some fitness videos, teached as a virtual Fitness Trainer for Playoke and has also conducted a specialized series on weight management on German television (RTL, RTL2).

Jasmin is a master trainer for Pilardio® and has shared her thought-leadership philosophy at many conferences and workshops nationwide.

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