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Aerobic & Step/Group-Fitness/Dance

PILARDIO ® Instructor Level I

Themediatalk about the long-term trend Pilardio®- the combination of the spiritual and the western world.

As an informed and innovative Instructor you know the needs of yourstudents. You support them, listen to them and consultthem excellent. That makes you successful. The today needs changed, since the world got much more complex. Pilardio® delivers and teachesappropriate solutions to today needs. Educate yourself now to be also a Pilardio®Teacher soon for your continued success.


Forany education training is the base always level I. Thislasts for 3days.After this trainingyou´ll start self-study and practicetogain experiences.The exam followes after6weeks. If you pastthe exam,you will be a certified Pilardio® Teacher Level I for 1 year.
Witha valid licenseandyou will beentitled to lead groupclassesingyms. Beforeyourlicense expiresyou have to doaone-day refreshercourse-to renew yourlicense foranother 2 years. It´s important to be aware of all changes, new exercises and otherPilardio®Teachers.
The education trainings in India are offered as in-house trainings. Regardless of the city or the country a Master Teacher will take the course. This will be held in english.

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Training prerequisites:

• Basic knowledge of functional anatomy and training experience (e.g. licensed fitness instructor / trainer B-License)
Pilates trainer, group fitness instructor or equivalent (for example dance teacher).

Training contents:

Contents are practice the exercises and steps, also how to combined them / class design as such; and also in theory we teach about the ten principles of Pilario® (Respiration / Breathing, Centering/ Control, Mobilization, Strengthening / Invigoration, Coordination, Cardiovascular System, Body length and body expanse, Body awareness and precision, Fun (with psychological background), Nutrition).

Training team:

Master Teacher and Inventor Jasmin Waldmann
Assistant is Mitushi Ajmera

Tip to carry: Sportswear, hand towel, writing material

Fees of  training: INR 15,500 plus service tax

Duration of training: 3 Days plus exam






22.08.15 - 23.08.15
Exam: 29.09.15


Metaboliks B-1/7, Janakpuri, Opp. Metro Pillar No.-547, New Dehli

10 (Min)

After Early Bird Discount (valid till 15/08/2015)
15500 INR + 0 INR exam fee + service tax
13000 INR + 0 INR exam fee + service tax




















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