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INTRODUCING IFAA CEC’s (Continuing Education Credits)

Continuing education is a very important component for success and professional development for personal trainers and instructor. Successful fitness trainers are always learning and growing their skill set.

Every certification agency with an accredited personal training program will require some form of credits as a requirement to maintain the credentials.
A continuing education credit (CEC) is awarded to IFAA Trainers and Instructors for their participation in any health and fitness related activity, such as: training, class, exam, workshop, seminar/webinar, presenting/teaching, etc.

It is imperative to keep up your CEC’s and not lose the credentials that you worked so hard for midway, as it could affect your job and your reputation - we'll help toensure that doesn't happen!


The purpose of CECs is to ensure that IFAA INDIA Professionals enhance their skills and knowledge above and beyond minimum competence.

The wide ranges of ways to get your Continuing Education Credits are as mentioned below:

In order to renew your certification at the end of two years, you will need to meet the following minimum requirements:
1. Accumulate the required number of Continuing Education Credits (CECs)
2. Or, you have the option to repeat the certification exam as long as you meet the current eligibility criteria (current exam prices applicable)

CECS Benefits:

4 CECs                            In one Year =2 years renewal of your IFAA membership
2 CEC                             In one year = 1 Year Renewal

CECs awarded:

4 CECs                           By attending any certification training for more than 3 days.
1 CEC                             Any 1 day Workshop
2 CECs                           Attending any 2 day training
At the Convention 2015:

1 day participation                        no CECs
2 days participation                      1 CEC
3 days participation                      2 CECs

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