01 – 03 October 2015
Bombay Convention and Exhibition Centre,
Goregaon, Mumbai, India



PRECOR and IFAA INDIA Collaboration

Caroline Risby:
Marketing Manager - Asia Pacific’

In more mature markets, the most successful fitness and leisure industries tend to be those that have solid training and accreditation systems.  They guarantee quality and consistency, which leads to loyal members, more profitable fitness businesses, and faster growth. Operators in India recognized this a long time back, and have been requesting high-quality industry training for some time.

In response to this need, Precor has hosted a series of ‘Innovation Events’ in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi over the past few years.  But the need isn’t just in these three cities, it’s across the whole country.  So by partnering with a well-respected training body like IFAA, we can help extend the reach of high-quality training throughout India.

As part of our commitment to helping operators create great businesses, we’re keen to support operators and managers in furthering their learning and training however we can. Professional industry training is the next natural step for the Indian fitness market’s growth, and it’s a positive step for everyone involved: operators, manufacturers, and most importantly - members.


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