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Master Trainers


Jennifer Hoessler

Certified IFAA Mastertrainer.

She grew up with the yoga philosophy, as her mum is a yoga teacher and taught her spiritual wisdom, almost without her being really aware of it. Around the age of 20 she recognized that her way of thinking and living – so to say her consciousness – is spiritually printed. She felt naturally connected to the yogic knowledge.

Before she realized her passion for yoga, a big part of her life was sports and action of all kinds. After school she became a sports and gymnastic teacher by certification. She taught several kinds of aerobic – and health classes for 12 years and as a personal trainer, she collected a lot of experience. It was joyful and provided great experience and exposure, but after 12 years she had no choice but to realize, that her body was overworked and imbalanced. she came to the point where her body and soul could not handle the constant challenge and stress.

In 2008 this lack of awareness for her own limits brought her to “Body balance,” a training program of Les Mills combined with Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi elements. Learning and teaching this program nurtured her body and soul and inspired her to learn more about the yogic way. She had the deep desire to redefine her life and bring serenity, ease, and strength that would balance and nourish her being instead of exhausting it.

She joined several kinds of yoga classes and learned more about the various sources of yoga, which awakened her dream to become a yoga teacher. In March 2011 this dream became a reality: She completed a yoga teacher training in Ashtanga/ Vinyasa style in Goa, India. This education was first of all a journey by herself, through herself, to herself. All of which brought her closer to her purpose in life: teaching yoga, which she has done from then on, in Germany, India and Kenya!

As she had the desire to deepen her knowledge of the healing energy of yoga, she decided to do the “Elemental Yoga Therapy,” teacher training in October 2012 in India.

Yoga brings the restless mind to the present moment. Here and now. She loves the yoga tune: it equalizes body, mind, and soul, it´s such a great gift to pass it on to the world.

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