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International Educations and Certificates//Internationally Certified C license Fitness trainer (Fitness basics)

Internationally Certified C license Fitness trainer (Fitness basics)

Course description: 

Do you wish to work as a fitness trainer in a gym or work as an individual personal trainer? Then the fitness trainer basic training is the perfect way to give a head start to your career as a trainer. You will gain the detailed technical know-how, to individually and professionally serve your customers later, in the Fitness trainer B-License which is based on this course.

Training Objectives: 

On these three days, you lay the foundation stone for your training career. You will gain the first insight into the functioning of the human body and an overview of the various duties/tasks of a fitness trainer.


• no prerequisites required

Course contents: 

  • Passive and active musculoskeletal system
  • Muscles
  • General training Concepts
  • Working with devices
  • Duties/Tasks of a fitness trainer and possible career opportunities
  • Introduction to fitness-tests, preparation of training plan and customer Care

Tip// Please carry : Sportswear, Hand towel, writing material //


: 3 days (theory and practice)

Trainings Fee 

: 12000 INR plus Service Tax
Exam Fee : 4000 INR plus Service Tax 

*Special early bird and partner packages available







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