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International Educations and Certificates//International B license Fitness trainer

International B license Fitness trainer (fitness fundamentals)

Training Description:

The ‘International B license Fitness trainer’ training integrates theoretical knowledge based on the latest sports-science insights with the most essential practical sports exercises and training methods. Conducted by experienced professionals of the industry, the training covers subjects like basics of anatomy, training concepts, preparation of training plan and also basics of nutrition. Theoretical concepts are strengthened by practical exercises and feedback from experts during the training.

Training Objectives: 

As an International B license Fitness trainer you are qualified to instruct gym members on fitness training and provide competent customer care. You devise training plans and demonstrate exercises on a variety of machines, on a cable-pulley and in the weightlifting area.


  • Fitness-trainer basics/ International C License Fitness trainer or a relevant specialised vocational training (e.g. Sport scientist or physiotherapist, ACE)
  • Certificate of participation in a course on immediate life saving measures (CPR)

Training contents:

  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Functional anatomy and practical implementation
  • General and special training methods
  • Strength training methods and cardio training
  • Customer care and Self-Management
  • Basics of Nutritional Science (Dietetics)
  • Training concepts and preparation of training plan
  • Supply of energy in the skeletal musculature: Phosphagen, Glycolytic and Oxidative system
  • Special training concepts: Mobility, Warm-up (General and Specific), Stretching (Static, Ballistic, Dynamic and PNF)

Tip:  // Please carry: Sportswear, hand towel, writing material


: 12 days:  9 days Fitness, 2 Days diet and 1 Day examination (theory and practice)

Trainings Fee

: 45000 INR plus Service Tax

Exam Fee

: 4000 INR plus Service Tax 


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