Setting the right foundation for consistent and improved growth.

Members are the heart and soul of every Fitness/Health or Sport club worldwide. Even with various business models followed globally, the topic of
discussion is always members, member retention or member growth everywhere at any given point in time.

The IFAA INDIA management training is a so far a unique educational experience for the Fitness industry.

As an extension of the contents of a general business, we focus on those topics which provide special challenges for the Management.

These are the trainings provided by IFAA India.

Management training

  • Creating a company vision with the board and the highest Senior Management
  • Defining market differentiators and positioning with the highest Senior Management
  • Working on the mission and values with highest senior management
  • Working on company structure, standards and SOPs
  • “Wisdom of leadership”; leadership model
  • Recruiting a so called “A-PLAYER TEAM”
  • Management vs leadership; how to get a Dream Team and to lead real A-Players
  • Motivating teams by Coaching
  • Planning, strategies, execution of actions, monitoring efficiency

Sales Trainings for Sales Consultants & Sales Managers

For Sales Consultants:
  • Communication training     
  • Call training
  • Lead generation training
  • KPI  training
  • Closing techniques
  • LICENSE TO SELL training
For Sales Managers
  • Strategic planning (sales planners/ lead planners/ marketing planners)
  • KPI Management
  • Marketing planning

If anyone is interested in taking up one of the trainings offered by IFAA India, please visit the next BodyLife Expo in Mumbai from the 1st to 3rd of October 2015 and the IFAA India Fitness Convention, Personal Trainer Summit and the Group Fitness Explosion. Here you will not just have the chance to witness the action unfold but also meet the IFAA Master Trainers from India and abroad in person and find out which training will help in raising your fitness standards into new dimensions. Get in touch with us: [email protected]